2006 - 2012 VTK Productions created numerious short films from 2006 till 2012, gaining insight into the mysterious world of filmmaking and storytelling.


Selected Filmography

Incoherent (2011)

Thrown into a fragment of Kevin Hatchet's life (a CCTV operator) we follow him as he plunges into a surrealistic spiral of obsession and paranoia and finally commits a murder he will forever regret.


Soldier (Music Video)(2010)

Hailing from Bloemfontein, All Will Fall had its inception in 2006, immediately attracting fans with their ferocious energy on stage and honest lyrics, as well as pushing the envelope for their unique brand of screamo and vocals.


Mind Void (2009)

Roger runs into moral difficulties with his associate, Mark, as they attempt to harness the brain power of a living human being in order to operate an internet server.


Predictive Reasoning (2008)

Jody Benson returns to his car after an average day at work when the unthinkable happens. He receives a phone call threatening his very existence in a rather bizarre and unconventional way.



Our Story

Kyle van Tonder and Christopher Meunier, who are at times considered a filmmaking duo, began creating films in 2004 during their adolescent years under their then production company called “Kids Productions”. In late 2006 Kyle van Tonder established VTK Productions (in Bloemfontein, South Africa), as the successor to “Kids Productions”, a non-profit production company with the primary aim of distributing and marketing the duos films.

Between 2006 and 2012 the production company produced six short films, all during the member’s spare time. The duo grew to include additional members, with Kyle’s father (André van Tonder), then employed by the University of the Free State, always being a helping hand in whatever way possible. Many others became near permanent collaborators, including Caval Goodyear and Shannon Mayne, all of which were volunteers. For the good portion of the groups existence, Bloemfontein had no known active narrative filmmakers – which was only seen as another challenge to the team.

The local university would prove to be a valuable resource to the group, serving as an extensive source for shooting locations. The group also developed a strong collaborative relationship with the drama department, which provided actors, equipment, and local premiere screening facilities.

The group strove to constantly improve production quality with each successive film, even though resources and funds were scarce. Many of VTK Productions’ first films were filmed with borrowed equipment and the productions lacked any lighting or complex camera movements. Later on the group managed to build up a collection of semi-decent hardware, some of which were still on “permanent loan” from friends and family. The internet and technology became a center point in the history of VTK Productions with introduction of the VTK Productions web site in 2008.

“Turning Back Time” (2006), was the duos first film under VTK Productions. With the cast only consisting of friends (including university student Shannon Mayne), the duo managed to write, shoot, edit, and premiere the film within a few weeks. The film explored concepts of science fiction from a child’s perspective. This was very similar to the duos previous films, and continued to be the case for some time.

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Who we were

Kyle van Tonder

Founder of VTK Productions. Kyle has directed and produced all of VTK Productions' films. He currently lives in New Zealand where he intends to direct his first feature length film.

Christopher Meunier

Christopher has been involved in almost every film produced by VTK Productions. He has either served as First Assistant Director or Co-director.

André van Tonder

André has served as both co-producer or assistant producer on all of VTK Production's films. Besides his official role, André has always assisted in every way possible – both on the set and off of it.

Caval Goodyear

Caval has acted in every production produced by VTK Productions since "Predictive Reasoning", making him one of the longest running returning collaborators at VTK Productions.

Shannon Mayne

Shannon acted in many of VTK Productions' early films during his free time even though he had no formal training. His most memorable role was that of Karl Muller in "March the Second" (2007).

Alex Botham

Alex initially appeared in the music video for All Will Fall's "Soldier" as one of the kidnappers. Afterwards Alex continually volunteered to assist the group, especially with "Incoherent" (2011).


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